Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Here Writing Prompt

"Here" by Phillip Larkin is a pastoral poem in which a traveling person describes the differences in the country and large town.

Through the poem the tone changes depending on if the speaker is talking about nature of city/civilization. When speaking about nature the author seems peaceful and relaxed, this is demonstrated by his diction, for example line five in the first stanza he says "swerving to solitude." However when the speaker starts to talk about civilization the tone becomes harsh, like when he says "push through plate-glass doors to their desires - cheap suits, red kitchen-ware..."

Tone is just one way the author coveys his attitude though, he also uses a lot of imagery. When Larkin describes the city he talks about how crowded and full it is by describing the buildings and tattoo-shops and museums and all of the people, but when he speaks of the county the description is much more beautiful. He describes rivers and leaves and gold clouds making it clear which life he prefers.

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elaine nelson said...


i like it. i like it. good points. you're smart.

short, but short can be good right? doesn't seem to be any errors, looks good. nice job. (:

i'd give you an 8.
love yaaaa.